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All wholesale requests must be sent in writing to CaribCBD since 2018, Sales Department, Willemstad, Curaçao. Please include photographs of the interior and exterior of the business as well as any other pertinent information in order to expedite your request. All requests will be responded to as promptly as possible.


We at CaribCBD are committed to upholding the standards that our founding family originally initiated and that have been espoused and preserved from generation to generation. We also endeavor to maintain these standards for you with all of our retail partners. We therefore encourage you only to obtain CaribCBD's products from those stores that we have designated as “Official CaribCBD Dispensaries” in order to ensure that the products available at a particular establishment are genuine. To locate an official CaribCBD sales point near you.


We are happy to say we ship through the Caribbean and South America for order placed on our website, for all countries where CBD is legal. If you are not near an CaribCBD's sales point(s), we invite you to use our CaribCBD by Mail Service by telephoning CaribCBD on +59995252389.


For technical difficulties to do with our website, please contact a CaribCBD Customer Representative at +59995252389. Alternatively, please fill out our Contact Us and select the subject "General" and topic "Technical Related".


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